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Worship: A two slot Model of this equipment Might exist, but I haven't confirmed it. If it does it was in all probability from the quite start of the game.

Indeed, we dont have a lot more reviving potions as they stopped Performing right after lvl 30... we could only revive at the hospital within the metropolitan areas or by purchasing the new Next stage reviving potions...

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7 str, two dex – My favoured Make. You can nevertheless strike properly, but now hit like a freight practice. In case you’re doing points ideal, the mobs ought to die in two or three assaults in a very PP, or within just one set of AoEs if you’re soloing.

Following about L10, if possible fighters need to be endeavoring to get rid of mobs through AoE instead of soloing mobs 1v1.

Str – You will need no less than 800 str and an honest enchantment on your weapon(s) to punch with the enemy’s defences. You should be thinking about some thing like 2500+ assault electricity to really offer hurt.

Wouldn't suggest all-vary, even though. It's a tactical match, which means you'll require melees during the entrance rank to soak damage, because selection figures are fairly weak at that. Can't kite either, since all battles shift into a tactical grid once they start.

If im not mistaken we can easily only seek the services of Sword's as mercs in the beggining... but that dosent prevent us referring to foreseeable future configurations...

Chief – This is commonly the one who has leadership of the bash, although not often. It’s their job to yell at individuals if they start mucking about, or to make the decision on when to seek out harder mobs, look for extra bash associates if someone has to go etc.

· Fighters also get numerous AOE’s. An aoe is an “Area of Impact” attack. What This implies is that the attack hits each and every enemy in a location. Try to look for such things as “hits all in ten meters”. These attacks come in useful When you've got numerous mobs attacking you simultaneously.

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